U.fl/IPEX IPX Pigtail Cable Antenna Coax Low Loss Cable Mini PCI U.FL/IPEX/IPX to SMA Female Antenna WiFi Extension Cable for Wireless Routers, Mini PCIe Cards, Network Extension 15cm Pack of 100

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  • WiFi Antenna Cable for Router Wireless Cards; This antenna cable is compliant for all types of wireless antennas, including wireless
  • RF U.FL IPX Cables Have Bulkhead Gold Plated Connector; for Mini PCI-e Wireless WLAN Wifi Card:Ar9462 Ar5b22 Wb222 Intel Network 6235AN AC 3160 AC31603160HMW AR5418 AR5008 AR5BXB72 7260 7260HMW
  • Gender: SMA Jack,female pin/Ufl./Ipx,15cm U.fl / IPX to SMA Female Antenna WiFi Wireless WAN 1.13 Pigtail Cable,1.13mm mini-coaxial cable: This is a very thin and flexible cable, with a black jacket. When connecting U.FL connector to a jack on a miniPCI card or board, often the tight space requires the use of 1.13mm cable, because it is very thin and flexible
  • Wide application: Mobile phones, Antenna, WLAN, Mini PCI, Bluetooth, PDA, GPS, drone, transmitter, electronic measuring instrument, Netgear EX6150,GPS module,wifi camera,
  • Package Content : 100 x SMA to IPX U.fl connectors Cable