onelinkmore Lightning Arrestor F Type Coax Female to Female DC-3GHz 75 Ohm Lightning Surge Protector with 90V Gas Tube Surge Arrester

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  • With F-female Connectors 75 ohm in two side, one side with Bulkhead and O-ring .Protects signal boosters from lightning strikes, Requires additional ground cable
  • Easy install designed and manufactured the lightning surge protector with high quality nickel plated brass to provide superior performance and longevity (Low Signal Loss)
  • Standard 90 V DC breakdown voltage gas discharge tube (GDT) element which can be easily replaced to provide multistrike capacity
  • 75 Ohm F Type Female to F-female for RG6 coax cables connection compatible with 75 Ohm Cell Phone Signal Boosters, CATV, Satellite Cable TV antennas
  • TV Surge protector should be installed as close a possible to the equipment to be protected, often at the point where the coax cable enters the building. They can also be installed near the antenna for additional protection